All the Missing Girls

Enjoy my review of All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda which will  be published on Tuesday, June 28th.

allthemissinggirlsThis was a suspenseful book, that had me wondering “who dunnit” the whole time. Ends up, it wasn’t anyone I thought it was!

Corrine goes missing after a night with friends at the fair. There is a huge search for her, and much finger pointing, speculation and gossip by the townsfolk. It seems that people both loved her AND hated her, adding another layer to the mystery of what has become of Corrine.

Fast forward 10 years and Nicolette, who was one of Corrine’s closest friends, comes back to town to help her brother get their childhood home ready to sell because her father has Alzheimer’s and is now in an adult care home. Within a few days, Annaleise, who provided an alibi for Nicolette and her friends that night at the fair, goes missing.

An interesting part of this book is that Nicolette gets back to Cooley Ridge and we jump ahead 15 days and tell the story backwards from that point, ending with the day she got back into town. I admit it was a little confusing. I kept thinking: oh wait… that happened the next day, so she doesn’t know about this or that yet… But it was a relief to have all the pieces fall into place as I finished the book and saw how things all played out, and it suddenly all made sense!