“Literary Chick Lit”

Last spring I met Katherine Center, author of The Bright Side of Disaster and Everyone is Beautiful, while she was on a book tour stop at the Watermark Book Company.  Katherine writes smart, entertaining books about women’s lives, and she is a very cool chica herself.

Since blogs are not an exact science, I feel modestly comfortable and enthusiastically proud to proclaim that Katherine and I coined the term “Literary Chick Lit” that night.  Think Bridget Jones gets a PhD. 

While not yet an official genre, Literary Chick Lit is a great choice for enjoying a light-yet-with-depth-and-wit read about women’s lives — perfect for holiday travel, holiday distraction, or the retelling of a funny story over a cup of warm eggnog. 

My latest Literary Chick Lit favorite is Lorrie Moore’s A Gate at the Stairs, an entertaining story of college student Tassie Keltjin observing the peculiar twists and turns of adult life.  If you like quirky stories and witty characters, give this Amazon Best Book of the Month, September 2009, a try!