You can be notified whenever a new post appears on A Reading Life by subscribing to our feed.  Simply paste this URL into your reader:


If all of this sounds confusing, let us help you with a few basics. Much in the way you subscribe to a newspaper or a magazine, you can subscribe to a blog or website and be notified when they are updated. The end result is that new posts will come to you automatically and you won’t have to remember or bother to get them yourself. In order to subscribe you need to do two things.

First, you need to have a news aggregator or RSS reader. These are simply web based programs that allow you to subscribe to a blog or website and keep track of when they are updated. There is usually no charge for these programs but you do have to set up an account with them. There are many RSS reader programs to choose from.

Once you have an aggregator or RSS reader account you are ready to subscribe. The instructions vary by the reader but usually all you have to do is paste the site’s URL into the reader.  Alternatively you can look for the orange symbol which usually allows you to subscribe by clicking on it.