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The Once & Future River, by Eric Wagner and Tom Reese Everett Public Library Podcasts

The Lone Reader turns his gaze to this series of essays and photos describing the fate of the lower Duwamish River, which empties into Elliott Bay in Seattle.   cc Audio: Early morning on Yaquina Bay, by daveincamas Inderhalle  
  1. The Once & Future River, by Eric Wagner and Tom Reese
  2. "The Education of an Idealist," by Samantha Power
  3. "Nomadland," by Jessica Bruder
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Embarrassment

Meet our podcast reviewers

First it was stone against stone. Then a plucked sinew. Stretched animal skins beat with sticks.

You’ll find all of these and more in Mr. Neutron’s Record Closet: reviews of all musical genres, surprises, mysteries. Towels recommended.

One librarian talks about the books he reads… 

The Internet has unleashed the age of the opinion and point of view.

Librarians have always hung back, but now one librarian takes his guns to town.

You’ll laugh!

You’ll cry!

You’ll keep your three bucks and enjoy a unique audio take on notable films.

Take a listen to our Everett Historical podcast series

Welcome to Smokestack Soundbites, audio stories from the Everett Public Library about the history and life of our city and our county. Everett once proudly adopted the nickname “The City of Smokestacks,” for its many smoke-belching mills.

We have changed since then, and we hope our Soundbites will give insight into who and what Everett and Snohomish County have been-from then until now.

These podcasts are edited versions of recordings in Everett Public Library’s oral history collection. The interviews were recorded in the 1970s, and captured the impressions and voices of citizens alive during Everett’s earliest days.

These podcast recordings add music and sound effects to excerpts from the original recordings, giving 21st Century listeners intimate insight into events and times otherwise lost to us today.

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