Alan: I read omnivorously, leaning toward quirky literary fiction, classic genres like the roman noir, and meaty contemporary nonfiction. I also dip into young adult and children’s lit from time to time. Check out my feed at Goodreads here. I have a long and sordid history of DJ’ing and love music; my favorite gigs were friends’ weddings. I have taught Film History at the college level and lead the monthly Evergreen Cinema Society film screening and discussion series for the library.

Carol: Carol likes to read for fun. Her reading material tends to be fluffy, funny, and/or frivolous. If she were stranded on an island with only one author’s books she would take Dave Barry. Lately she’s doing that thing she said she’d never do: reading teen fiction! Authors like Libba Bray, Lauren Morrill, and Gail Carriger keep her coming back for more. She obsessively records what she reads and what she wants to read on GoodReads.

Feylin: Feylin is a perpetual kid at heart.  She is a Barbie fanatic as well as a hardcore Steven Universe fan. If you asked her what her favorite book was, she couldn’t tell you. There are simply too many.

HeartwoodHeartwood is the project of a librarian who is interested in spotlighting older books, international authors, and small press offerings. For more information, including how the feature gets its name, see the first post, Introducing Heartwood.

Jennifer: Jennifer is an avid journal keeper and would rather be reading than doing most anything else. Her favorite author is Stephen King.


Linaea: “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” Linaea took Groucho Marx’s quip to heart at a young age and hasn’t looked back.


LindaLinda is one of our original bloggers with her recurring “Did You Know” installments. She enjoys trivia and sharing information. She has been with the library since 1996 and looks forward to blogging for quite a while more.

LisaLisa is a Northwest Historian at the Everett Public Library. When she’s not digging into local history, she likes to escape into other worlds and other time periods by reading a lot of scifi, fantasy, and historical fiction. That being said, she has a real soft spot for non-fiction as well, so you might see her posting a lot about science, history, culture, and any other random subjects that strike her fancy. To find out what she is reading, check out her GoodReads feed.


Mindy: Assistant Library Director at Everett Public Library

Richard: Richard tries to keep current with the latest books, but is easily side tracked by interesting titles from any time period whether fiction or non-fiction.  Recent favorite authors include Wells Tower, Yoko Ogawa, John Burnside and David Peace.

Ron: Ron generally reads humorous books, be they fiction or non, and books set in the early 20th century, again fiction or non.  Favorites include Jasper Fforde, Bill Bryson and P. G. Wodehouse.  Oh, he’s also a musician.

Scott: Scott’s reading interests tend toward literary fiction, essays and works examining contemporary culture.

Retired Authors:

Brad: Brad’s favorite authors are Jess Walter, Richard Yates and Charles Willeford. He generally reads fiction but has every intention of reading more non-fiction.


EstaEsta loves to explore books of different genres, and enjoys children’s and young adult fiction, travel memoirs, and literary fiction. Her favorite adult authors are T.C. Boyle and Barbara Kingsolver.  She loves fiction that has strong characterization and intense emotion, and hopes to someday finish the novel that she is working on. And she wants to travel, travel, and travel some more!







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