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If you are a regular visitor to A Reading Life you may have noticed some new features recently. In addition to our more dynamic links to library social media, we have just added a brand spanking new podcast page, with a link conveniently located under our signature image. Here you will find the latest podcasts created by our talented team of library audio enthusiasts as they roll off the presses.

And oh what a unique and talented group they are.

If you are in the mood for some music reviews, head over to Mr. Neutron’s Record Closet and enjoy reviews from all musical genres with some surprises and mysteries to discover as well. Towels recommended.

If books are more to your liking, take a listen to what the Lone Reader has to say. Librarians have always hung back, but now one librarian takes his guns to town.

For a unique audio take on notable films, settle in and listen to the Treatment Film Reviews.

If you want to learn more about the history of our fair city and its surroundings, you have a treasure trove of audio delights to sample. Far from dry and academic, these recordings incorporate unique voices, music and sound effects to bring the past to life. Here is a small sampling.

Find out about Snohomish resident and writer John Patric who in 1958 was involuntarily committed to Northern State Hospital for the Insane. As permitted by Washington State law, Patric demanded—and received—a jury trial to determine the matter of his sanity. This is the story of that trial, and of John Patric.

Amid mud and exploding stumps…a library! This podcast, celebrating the 125th anniversary of Everett Public Library, tells the story of how the Everett Woman’s Book Club parlayed political muscle and donated books to build an enduring civic institution during hard economic times.

Many fascinating stories are to be heard in the Smokestack Soundbites series, audio stories from the Everett Public Library about the history and life of our city and our county.

If you like your tales straight from the source, take a listen to the Everett Voices series. These podcasts are edited versions of recordings in Everett Public Library’s oral history collection, giving 21st Century listeners intimate insight into events and times otherwise lost to us today.

These are just a sampling of all the unique podcast content already created by the talented staff of the library. Check back often, for new and interesting tales and reviews to listen to. You won’t be disappointed!

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