Chariot on the Mountain by Jack Ford

I very much enjoyed Chariot on the Mountain by Jack Ford! Based on the true story of Kitty who was the daughter of a slave woman and Samuel Maddox, the “Master” in Virginia. Samuel’s dying wish was that Kitty and her children be set free. The entire estate is left to his wife Mary, with his nephew and namesake Samuel Maddox named to inherit upon Mary’s death.

Mary helps Kitty and her children escape on the Underground Railroad to Pennsylvania and freedom. A few months later, nephew Samuel kidnaps Kitty and her children from Pennsylvania claiming that because the estate will eventually go to him, he has a say in its operation and that they are his property.

Mary and her friend rescue Kitty and her kids from Samuel and a groundbreaking lawsuit ensues. I was not able to read fast enough to get to the end and find out how it all ended! The book is a touching story of forgiveness, as Mary comes to terms with her husband’s betrayal. It is also about deep friendships that both endure politics and overcome racism.

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