The Mad Woman Upstairs

madwomanEnjoy my review of The Mad Woman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell which published today on March 1st.

This book was not something I would normally have read. But the cover said it is a mystery, a love story and a very dark comedy. Since I do normally read mysteries, I thought I’d give it a go. This is Catherine’s first book.

I’m glad I did! It wasn’t the typical ‘who dunnit’ type of mystery. The story is about Samantha Whipple, the last descendant of the Bröntes. All her life her father has read and discussed their novels with her; emphasizing certain passages and family traits, preparing her to find her family’s lost inheritance. She goes off to Old College (Oxford) where her father wanted her to go…. The mystery here is twofold – first, why was it so important for her to go there, and secondly what is the inheritance he wanted her to find? The romance is one-sided (or is it?) between her and her professor.

I admit I haven’t ever read any of the Bröntes’ works, but after reading this book and getting to know them and a little of their history, I feel like I want to read them now!


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