Did You Know? (Eye Edition)

snailsshellfishThat the world’s biggest eyes belong to a mollusk! The giant squid has eyes the size of saucers, enabling it to see the movement of prey in even the faintest light.

I found this information on page 19 in the book Snails, Shellfish & other Mollusks by Daniel Gilpin. I was surprised to find out that squid and octopuses are mollusks. Another thing I hadn’t known was that scallops have dozens of eyes, all around the edges of the shells.

Taking Care of My Eyes by Terri DeGezelle is a good beginning book for very young children about how their eyes work. The Sense of Sight by Ellen Weiss would be excellent for kids a little older… especially if they need to see the optometrist.


There are many ways people describe eyes. Titles of movies and books are no exception! A few of the titles I found are Big Eyes a Tim Burton film about Margaret Keane and her husband who sold her paintings of big eyed children as his own. The Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut is “a riveting tale of suspense” and Eyes Wide Open by Paul Fleischman; is a book that shows how we see (or DON’T see as the case may be) events behind the environmental headlines.

Whether your eyes are open or closed, you may want to learn to use eye makeup. Style Eyes by Taylor Chang-Babaian and Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes by Bobbi Brown are just a couple of the of the how-to make-up manuals we have.

ayeayeAnd, lastly, if you say it twice you have aye-aye… a small animal from Madagascar that belongs to the lemur family (Daubentoniidae) in the primate group of prosimians. They are nocturnal and eat insects, fruit, and eggs. They also have a special middle finger that they can dip between their food and mouth 3 times a second! Aye-Aye an Evil Omen by Miriam Aronin is a very good book telling you all about them, their habitat and habits and The Primate Family Tree by Ian Redmond tells about the relation of aye-ayes to other primates, especially lemurs.

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1 thought on “Did You Know? (Eye Edition)

  1. Ahhh, the eye’s have it! Good blog. The aye-aye looks as if it has had the life scared out of it! Funny looking creature. Did not know that scallops had numerous eyes, let alone even one? I assumed they did not have eyes.


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