NaNoWriMo 2015

NaNoWriMo headerNational Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo to those in the know, happens every November. It’s a time of creativity and encouragement aimed at budding authors. If you ever wanted to write that book you’ve been dreaming of, NaNoWriMo is the time to do it! This year we asked you to share what you were writing for NaNoWriMo and promised we would share it. So without further ado, here are some of our favorites!

Author’s Name or Handle: Elizabeth Ratcliff
Novel Title: The Answer Within
A short story about three girls who start out in junior high. One goes to New York, one goes to Hattiesburg, Mississippi and the third is shot and arrives at the hospital with no blood pressure and no pulse.

Author’s Name or Handle: Susan Shatzka Maass
Novel Title: Alice’s Garden
I am working on a historical novel based on the lives of my great-great-grandparents.

Author’s Name or Handle: Steve Garriott
Novel Title: Tripping the Con Fantastic
A lawyer-vampire and her jinni partner use their skills to con other fantastic creatures out of their ill-gotten gains. But when the pair pull the con on the wrong creature, their lives are on the line.

Author’s Name or Handle: Curtismith
Novel Title: Annasophia
A woman who experiences her day with curious wonder through childlike simplicity, is arrested for disrupting the peace.

Author’s Name or Handle: Mark R. Weirich
Novel Title: The Gods of Toberi
An inter-steller probe shows life forms on another planet.
A manned exploration finds the life forms destroyed by an earth virus on the probe. Plants turn out to be the intelligent life forms heard from on the way. A war ensues. After the war, one of the plant life-forms adopts an orphaned child born on the way. Thus begins the journey of M’ness D’pree and his human ward Tamara Mattier.

Author’s Name or Handle: Staci Nichole
Novel Title: Angel Armies
It began as a youth project acknowledging the worthwhile qualities and attributes of others every day for two weeks. It became a revolution.

Author’s Name or Handle: @patbreyes
Novel Title: An American Classroom
A collection of short stories about a 4th grade southern California classroom and the students’ very different home lives. Some have the nuclear family experience, most are happy to have a break from their day-to-day realities.

Author’s Name or Handle: Diana Dovgopolaya
Novel Title: Fairy Dust Sprinkled Over Darkness
A short story with a dark twist on the love tragedy of Peter Pan, and a gender swap of Wendy and Pan.

Author’s Name or Handle: Marissa Dummel
Novel Title: The Dragon Guard Chronicles Book #1: The Guard’s Awakening
Being a teenager is difficult enough. Now add in being an ancient guardian descended from one of the Knights of the Round Table and you’ve got poor Marina. Marina is your average fifteen year old Washingtonian girl- she is a junior, plays clarinet in band, loves her family and has boy problems. She is invited to school in the United Kingdom, where she discovers a hidden world.
This world was created by King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table with the help of the dragons, of course. Though, on day one, Marina manages to make an enemy of the most popular girl in school, find out she’s one of the Dragon Guard- descended from Sir Tristan himself- and has discovered she is half of the star crossed lover’s of the Guard. The other half? Just the most popular boy in school.
Along with going through junior year, Marina has to also learn how to control her power over Water, balance school politics, and figure out her relationship with Arthur who is the Fire to her Water. Not to mention they also have to find their Dragon Partners and, oh you know, save the world from the descendants of Mordred and Lady Morgana.
Will Marina master her powers? Will she figure out her relationship with Arthur? Will she pass junior year? Read “The Dragon Guard Chronicles Book #1:
The Guard’s Awakening” and join the Guard in their journey into the Dragon World to find out!

Author’s Name or Handle: Diana McGowan
Novel Title: Everything Before Us
A short story about the events that eventually lead up to the forming of a young couple’s relationship.

And finally…I’m not playing favorites, but seriously—writing 5 books?! Genius!

Author’s Name or Handle: Zanzibar 7. Schwarznegger (on NaNoWriMo: Trilleth)
Book 1:Novel Title: Purple Text Talk (older children’s novel)
Aria has everything: a best friend she spends most of her time with, a mostly-great family, and a cell phone she treasures just a little too much. When her dad loses his job, can she make the adjustments to a new life or will she be too caught up in the old one?

Book 2: Novel Title: The Annals of Bobian (YA Humor)
The Bobian has gone without ice cream for far too long.
Will his quest for ice cream continue to land him in (mis)adventures, or can he finally get to that sweet finish at the end of the tunnel?

Book 3: Novel Title: Spaghetti Theory and Other Chaos Permutations (YA SF)
In the midst of a world decimated by a two-fold plague that leads to strict social rules and even stricter medical laws, Zipad is conceived with not one but both Variants of the virus. Will an experimental procedure save his life or will he die upon birth, remembered as one of the greatest mass murderers of the twenty-first century?

Book 4: Novel Title: The Wicked Witch of Whatever (YA Humor)
Andrew has it all: social standing, good grades, and a pretty cheerleader on his arm. But when a chance encounter with a psychic medium reveals he is fated for so much more, will his girlfriend Cass take things too far?

Book 5: Novel Title: Beta Beware! – book 2 of the Figments series (fantasy humor)
DJ is in desperate need of beta readers for her finished manuscript. When Christopher Collum agrees to read hers if she’ll read his, she thinks the worst part will be keeping her eyes open long enough critique the formulaic rewrite. But when a plot bunny drags her into a game world where she is just a pawn, DJ learns just how real Christopher’s world can be… and how dangerous. Bridge games, backwards prophecies, and a snarky game narrator will keep DJ on her feet to the very end– if she survives that long.

So I guess now you can officially say you’re a published author. You’re totally welcome, by the way. Just be sure to give me a shout-out in your book’s acknowledgements.