Carol’s Killer List of Awesome Books: Pride and Prejudice Part 1

I have one, you have one. Everybody has one. It’s the Never-Ending Way-Too-Long Bucket List of reading lists. Someone recommends a book, an author, or a series, and it sounds terrific. However, I usually let my mood dictate what I want to read next. And I only ever read one book at a time. So that sterling recommendation goes onto the ever-growing list of books I’d like to read—someday.

PrideWould it surprise you to learn that even though I’ve enjoyed countless books set in the Regency era, I’ve never actually read any Jane Austen? Pride and Prejudice has been at the top of my Must Read Before I Die List since I was a teenager. My best friend has read it. My mother has read it countless times. I have purchased a hardcopy and downloaded the eBook. But I’ve never even read the first page. I haven’t had any motivation to do so.

Until now.

Starting this year I’m finally going to begin reading books from my Killer List of Awesome Books. And I thought the best way to start is with Pride and Prejudice, a tale told and retold through countless mediums and re-imaginings. To motivate myself to read this incredible book, I have pinned an adorable Pride and Prejudice button to my collar. I will wear it every day until I have actually read the book.Pin

So keep a lookout for me in the stacks, in the office, on the street. And if you see me wearing the pin, be sure to give me a hard time! Tell me how great the book is, what your favorite scene is, who your favorite characters are. Keep me in line and, who knows? Maybe I’ll actually read it.

But golly gee, I hope the book lives up to the hype!


5 thoughts on “Carol’s Killer List of Awesome Books: Pride and Prejudice Part 1

  1. If you never read another book – this is the one that tells you all you ever need to know about people, about men and women, what motivates us all and the relationship between the sexes. Forget the era its set in – it’s as true today as it was on the day it was first written. Forget all other books, throw them away if you will, but keep this one.


  2. You can do it, Carol! I just crossed it off my to-read list a few months ago. Totally worth tackling. You will recognize all the characters and plot lines since they’ve been rehashed a zillion times now, but that’s part of the fun.


  3. I loved the book Pride & Prejudice. Though I will admit that I did not read it until after falling in love with the movie starring Keira Knightly. Then Karra bought me the collective Jane Austen novels for my birthday….I got stuck at Mansfield Park….LOL.


  4. Thank you for the pep talks, everyone! I can certainly use them. I will post again when I have read the book; hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. I am a notorious procrastinator but between wearing the button and getting such thoughtful comments from you I am definitely feeling encouraged.


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