Confessions of an Anglophile: The IT Crowd

I confess: I am a bit of an Anglophile. It’s not exactly intentional, but I’ve realized that a great many things I love in life originated in the UK. So to kick off this new series, Confessions of an Anglophile, I thought I should share with you my current obsession: The IT Crowd.

The IT Crowd is a brilliantly funny television program centered on the IT department of a major business corporation, Reynholm Industries. The IT department existed with just two employees, Roy and Moss, until the company CEO hired an IT manager, Jen. Jen lied on her resume about her computer knowledge and experience, so she’s stuck as head of a department she doesn’t understand.

This may sound boring and not exciting in the least. That’s where you’re wrong. Our two nerdy IT guys are exceedingly hilarious, though often the hilarity is due to their lack of social skills and not any intentional joking on their parts. Pop in the DVDs and watch the calamity that ensues when these basement dwellers experience a fire, a bomb threat, cannibalism, musical theatre, and, the scariest of all, a dinner party.

The IT manager, Jen, is the most socially “normal” of the group, but what she has in people skills she lacks in technical skills. This simply means that as a group they can be pretty solid…it’s just individually they still have some major issues. For instance, early on Jen tries to get the guys to clean up the office and bring in some sunshine through the window. The guys didn’t even know the window existed—it was hidden by miscellaneous nerd items and a thick layer of dust.

Jen: How can you two live like this?

Moss: [typing] How can you two…

Roy: Don’t Google the question, Moss!

I readily identify with the label of “nerd” so maybe that’s why I was easily sucked into this world of absolute absurdity. I think, though, that most people can relate to some aspect of this show, whether or not you’ve worked in a tech-heavy industry.

Take it from me. If you like your comedy smart, but still including elements of slap-stick and physical comedy, you can’t go wrong with The IT Crowd. And if you still doubt me, ask my co-workers. Recently a few of us went to a library conference and in the evenings we were watching this show and laughing until it hurt…and then we laughed some more. We came back to the library to inform our other co-workers who had already discovered this series that we had finally joined their ranks. And everyone lived happily ever after.


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