Did You Know? (Phobia Edition)

Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth!

I found this information on page 22 in the book Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Body & Mind. This is a children’s book full of facts, stats, lists, records and more. It is so fun to look at and wonder why people do these kinds of things.

Of course, being afraid of peanut butter is rather an odd phobia… most people are just afraid of things like speaking in public, thunder, spiders or heights. The children’s book What to Do When You’re Scared & Worried by James J. Crist, Ph.D. is a good guide to helping children (and adults) understand their fears. The book also provides some very good tools and exercises to help calm some of the worries you might have. Are You Afraid Yet? by Stephen James O’Meara explains the science of being afraid.

How can you tell if you are just afraid of something or if it is a full blown phobia? The book Phobias And How To Overcome Them by James Gardner, M.D. and Arthur H. Bell, Ph.D. delves deep into the problems of phobias. The book is an immensely helpful guide to understanding and coping with these deeply rooted and widespread afflictions. It also has a whole list of other types of unusual phobias.

On another note, I think that even people with arachibutyrophobia would probably still enjoy making a fun bird feeder with peanut butter. This very simple book, Watch Me Make A Bird Feeder  by Jack Otten, gives easy directions to create a bird feeder with your kids or grandkids.

And if you’re not afraid of peanut butter, you may be interested to see how it is made. From Peanut To Peanut Butter by Robin Nelson explains the process in easy to understand steps with pictures.

And lastly, there is a cute song about peanut butter “Sticking” by Raffi on his Singable Songs Collection.


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