Books You Have Always Meant to Read: David Copperfield

We all have at least one title. Perhaps it is a book that has been sitting at the back of the shelf collecting dust. Maybe even one in a box labeled “books”, from a previous move that is buried deep but not forgotten.  Really we should get rid of it, but we just can’t.

Why, you may ask yourself, can’t I just forget about it? Because it is an important book, a book that is recognized as significant, a book that has stood the test of time. In other words, it is a book you have always meant to read but just haven’t gotten to yet.

If you face such a dilemma, you are in luck. The library is hosting a series of book discussions, appropriately titled ‘Books You Have Always Meant to Read‘, to help you finally read that title and find out why it is so important.

First up is David Copperfield by Charles Dickens with a discussion led by Ed Skoog on Wednesday March 28th starting at 7 pm at the Main Library.

Star of many a high school and freshman English college course syllabi, David Copperfield is also a highly entertaining and significant read. In addition, the leader of the discussion, Ed Skoog, is an Everett Community College instructor and poet who will bring a unique and compelling take on this classic work. It is the perfect opportunity to discover a timeless work from a new perspective.

After the discussion, if you want to do some research on the author or the book we have many titles from which to choose. So come to the library on Wednesday and discover something new, or at least new to many of us.

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