Did You Know? (White House Edition)

There are five kitchens in the White House. The main kitchen on the ground floor, one upstairs for the family, one underground for the staff, one for guests and a pastry kitchen just for desserts!

I found this information on pages 214 & 215 in the book National Geographic Kids Almanac. If you are a trivia buff you will find tons of information to share. It has facts, stats, lists, records and more. I also learned that workers use 570 gallons of paint to cover the outside of the White House!

Entertaining at the White House by Peter Schifando and J. Jonathan Joseph is full of beautiful pictures of entertaining at the White House, sumptuous table settings, the children’s Christmas and Easter events and many noteworthy personalities.

An Invitation to the White House by Hillary Rodham Clinton also has pictures of the lovely table settings, but it also shows all the “behind the scenes” preparation for the lavish events they have there. The back half of this book is a cookbook with recipes served at the White House, including a butter-cream filled mocha cake that looks awesome.

Previously the White House had been practically emptied of furniture, art, table settings, etc. between presidents. President Harrison’s wife, Carrie, began the White House China collection. This started the tradition of future first ladies helping to preserve the history of furnishings. See a history of the building and the refurbisments in The White House by Kenneth W. Leish

There are some great fiction books and movies with stories based on the White House. Check out the DVD Murder at 1600. Or look for I.Q, Book Two, The White House by Roland Smith, a young adult book where I.Q and Angela solve a mystery at the White House. And don’t forget the children’s mystery White House White-Out by Ron Roy.


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