Robot Dreams

Dog wants a friend so he buys a mail-order robot. Dog and Robot go to the library, watch movies, eat popcorn and vacation together. They are perfect companions, a match made in mail-order heaven. Unfortunately, when Robot goes swimming with Dog he becomes rusty and immobile. Dog panics and abandons his beloved Robot at the beach.

Months pass and remorseful Dog attempts to make new friends with a duck, an anteater, a penguin, a snowman and many other quirky characters. But none of them can replace dear Robot. Meanwhile, Robot regrets his swim, dreams of rescue, wonders why Dog left him and gets picked apart by beach scavengers. Dog and Robot each reflect on their friendship and their fateful beach trip.

Robot Dreams tells the story of Dog and Robot in pages filled with beautiful color and charming illustrations. This nearly wordless book is deceptively simple, sweet, comical and surprisingly poignant.  This quick read is a perfect choice for sharing with a young friend or as a treat for your inner child.


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