The Soul of Music

Frank by Amy WinehouseAs most of the world knows, singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse has died. Her troubled life was fodder for celebrity gossips over the last several years. The resulting scandals threatened to completely overshadow a truly amazing voice. If you’ve never heard her sing, you’re missing something genuinely special. Soulful and threaded with sadness, anger, or hope, Amy always managed to let her voice tell the story behind the lyrics.

Back to Black by Amy WinehouseAnd if you’ve already discovered Amy, you may like Duffy and Adele. Like Amy, they sing with such passion and emotion you won’t want the music to end. Putting Adele, Amy, and Duffy together in a playlist guarantees a great soundtrack for a sultry summer evening.

In the age of auto tuning and lip synching at concerts, the world is mourning the loss of a truly gifted singer. Though Amy has passed, her voice will live on.


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