Roll Up Your Sleeves And Grab Your Glue Gun

Summer has finally arrived bringing more daylight hours, perhaps a staycation from work or maybe the kids are home and driving you crazy. Whatever your situation, it’s a great time to try a new craft project. Make something creative, wacky, silly, and off the wall.

Try origami with a twist. Ductigami: the Art of the Tape by Joe Wilson contains 18 projects to make with duct tape including a waterproof apron, a phone book cover, and several types of beverage holders.

Your grandchildren would love to receive their birthday money in the form of a flower, a frog, or a butterfly. You can learn how with Money Folding and Money Folding 2 by Florence Temko and V’Ann Cornelius. Each book includes step-by-step directions to fold bills into fantastic shapes.

Girligami by Cindy Ng offers modern origami designs such as stiletto heels, an MP3 player, or a laptop computer. The last chapter has ideas of what to do with your finished designs such as making greeting cards, jewelry, magnets, and ornaments.

The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton has projects for fans of all ages. Chewbacca tissue box covers, a Jabba the Hutt body pillow, Star Wars action figure wreath, or a Wookiee bird house. Over 40 craft ideas from a galaxy far, far away.

How about making a scarecrow for your garden? Scarecrows: Making Harvest Figures and Other Yard Folks by Felder Rushing shows you how, along with scarecrow lore, superstition and myth. This book contains instructions for more than 20 different scarecrows made of everything from tin cans, paper bags and plates, to broomsticks, and clay pots.

Creative Cardboard: Making Fabulous Furniture, Amazing Accessories & Other Spectacular Stuff by Linda Ragsdale will inspire you to make a wallet, cell phone case, chair, or even a rolltop desk. There are cardboard accessories for every room in your house.

It looks a little messy but Papier-Mache Monsters: Turn Trinkets and Trash into Magnificent Monstrosities by Dan Reeder also looks like a lot of fun. Photo instructions are given for creating scary creatures constructed of clothes hangers, newspaper, and glue. It promises to reveal the secrets for making monster jaws, claws, horns, scales, and even the perfect drool!

For humor along with your crafting, try Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People by comedian and actress Amy Sedaris. It’s an unconventional, no talent required, tongue-in-cheek look at the world of a not so serious crafter featuring hundreds of photos of hand made possibilities.

The piece de resistance for those of us over 40, or for the younger crowd who can only wish they lived during the time of the Sparkling Sputnik, is The Complete Book of Retro Crafts: Collecting Displaying & Making Crafts of the Past by Suzi Millions. By the way, Sputnik is made with a Styrofoam ball, bamboo skewers and glitter glue. There’s also the pantyhose poodle, starburst clock, Christmas record album village, pinecone elf, matchstick picture frame, and the bottlecap man ashtray. Vintage photos and collections are featured throughout the book.

Have you made a zany craft lately? What did you make and where did you get your inspiration?


6 thoughts on “Roll Up Your Sleeves And Grab Your Glue Gun

  1. Growing up we had a crocheted poodle made as a cover for a wine bottle. The four feet were pom poms and it had googly eyes. It was red and only displayed at Christmas it was so special.


  2. I’m not so crafty, and for that reason I think I might be able to manage one of the projects in the Amy Sedaris book. After reading your review of Ductigami, I think I may need to invest in a new roll of duct tape. A girl can never have too many beverage holders.


  3. Amy Sedaris made a bookmark out of clear book tape. Rip off a piece of tape, fold it in half sticky side together. Voila! If you want to be fancy she put a row of penneys inside her bookmark.


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