Wrapped Up in Wrapped

Life is too short to waste on even mediocre reading. Motivated to try something different, with the hope of finding something great, I recently checked out Wrapped by Jennifer Bradbury. I was not disappointed.

Wrapped by Jennifer BradburyWithout much preamble we’re tossed into the busy life of Miss Agnes Wilkins. Agnes has just turned 17 and is preparing for her first London Season. Agnes would much prefer to be left to learning ancient languages and reading A Lady novels (Jane Austen to you and me). But love for her mother necessitates that she put all those distractions aside in favor of dress fittings and parties. The ultimate goal, of course, is to catch the eye of a wealthy and connected man, someone whom her mother has deemed the perfect suitor.

The town’s most eligible bachelor, Lord Showalter, is throwing a party and Agnes’s mother accepts an invitation. This is no ordinary party. Guests are invited to cut into the wrappings of an ancient Egyptian mummy. If they find a trinket, it’s theirs to keep. Agnes is offered the first cut, but she hesitates as she considers the life of the deceased and his need to rest in peace.

Impatient with her stalling tactics, Agnes’s brother cuts into the wrappings and finds a small ankh. Caught up in the moment, no one notices Agnes finally make her cut. No one notices the small dog-shaped token Agnes has found. No one notices her slip it into the bodice of her dress. No one notices her step outside into the gardens for some air. No one, that is, except the one servant whom Agnes doesn’t recognize and who seems to be following her…

There is a sudden death. There are robberies. There are physical attacks. The victims have one thing in common: they each cut into the mummy at Lord Showalter’s party.

Is there any truth to what the papers are calling a mummy’s curse? Could Agnes and her brother be the next victims? Does this have any connection to Napoleon Bonaparte’s network of spies across the Continent and at home in England? Whom can she trust? And oh my goodness, is Lord Showalter about to announce his intentions to her father?

From the Tower of London to the British Museum and around Hyde Park, Agnes will search for the meaning of the trinket she found tucked away in a mummy’s wrappings. If you enjoy adventure stories, Regency romances, historical fiction, or Egyptian mythology give this Young Adult title a try.


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