Like most Americans, I set a few New Year’s Resolutions each year. Sometimes I achieve them. Sometimes I fail miserably.

book cover2010 was a successful year for me. I cooked a lot more with help from the library’s cookbook collection. In the fall I read all 800+ pages of Anna Karenina, which I have vowed to read every year for several years. Much to my surprise, I do enjoy the occasional meaty Russian novel. And with that I resolve to read Doctor Zhivago in 2011. (Now that I’ve said it, there’s no going back is there?)

book coverOn a more practical level, I also resolve to whip my pathetic lawn into shape this year. Organic Lawn Care Manual has thus worked its way onto my reading list.

Whether you resolve to read more short stories, learn American Sign Language, exercise more, set up a personal budget, become a magician or teach your old dog new tricks, the library is here to help. (Incidentally, these are some of the things I’ve resolved to do in the past.)

Happy New Year!

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