Henry’s Sisters

book coverIf you love stories with interesting characters then Henry’s Sisters by Cathy Lamb is a good choice for you. Henry is “special” and has lots of medical needs. He has three older sisters, a mother who clearly loves him best, a father dealing with his own demons from the Vietnam War and who left the family when the kids were young, and a grandmother with dementia who believes she is Amelia Earhart.

This is a heartbreaking tale of past and present. I enjoyed seeing how the family struggled to survive without a father, a mom that could barely deal with her daily suffering and the loss of her husband, and the ridicule she and the daughters endured when she worked as a stripper to make ends meet.

When the  adult daughters come back together, they have to go “home” and take care of Henry and Grandma while their mother undergoes heart surgery and recovery. They must deal with the issues of the abuse they endured from their mother’s rages. But we readers can just sit back and watch the dysfunction while they try to make peace with their past.


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