Did You Know? (Presidential edition)

Even though 35th President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was considered to be cultured, enlightened and good-looking, the Irish name Kennedy actually means “ugly head”!

I found this information on page 119 in the book The Little Giant Book of American Presidents by Glen Vecchione. This is a children’s book full of all kinds of little tidbits about all the Presidents. I had a lot of fun looking at it.

Of course, we all know what a gifted and charismatic speaker JFK was. You can hear one of his speeches on the CD Great Speeches of the 20th Century which is a compilation of famous speeches made by the presidents and other speakers of note.

The book Our Country’s Presidents by Ann Bausum is full of factual information for each of the presidents and includes a foreword by Barack Obama. It also tells us about the First Ladies and First Kids, includes political history and famous quotes from presidential speeches and writings, and has more than 400 illustrations.

If you would like more information about John F Kennedy the library has several biographies about him. One that stood out particularly to me was Forty Ways To Look at JFK by Gretchen Rubin. Rubin invites readers to decide whether Kennedy was a great statesman or a shallow charmer, whether his success was due to his own merits or to his ruthless father, and whether he could be both an unfaithful husband and a good man.