Citius, Altius, Fortius

This February there’s anticipation building up the road from us because, on the night of February 12, 2010, the 21st Winter Olympic Games will commence in Vancouver, British Columbia. The lighting of the Olympic cauldron will signify the start of two weeks of thrills and excitement. Those attending the games will have the wonderful opportunity to meet people from many nations and observe the very best athletes from all over the globe. Many of us will not be able to attend, but there are other ways of enjoying these Olympic Games. You can watch the events on television and then read about them at the Everett Public Library. We have many books pertaining to the Winter Olympic Games, athletes and their sports.

The Boys of Winter: The Untold Story of a Coach, a Dream, and the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team by Wayne Coffey, tells the story of the “Miracle on Ice” when the amateur U.S. hockey team beat the highly favored Russians. Going for the Gold: Apolo Anto Ohno, Skating on the Edge by Thomas Lang is a biography of the Seattle short track speed skater who will be skating in his third Winter Olympics this year.

Freeze Frame : A Photographic History of the Winter Olympics by Sue Macy highlights the history of the Winter Olympics from their inception in 1924 to today, and includes profiles of Olympic athletes and information on the lesser known winter sports. One of these lesser known sports is curling, and so to remedy that we have on our shelves Curling for Dummies by Bob Weeks.

We also have some general guides to the Vancouver games. The Winter Olympics: An Insider’s Guide to the Legends, the Lore, and the Games: Vancouver edition by Ron C. Judd and The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics: 2010 Edition by David Wallechinsky and Jaime Loucky will keep you well informed about all the events and participants. 

If surfing the web is more your style, there are plenty of web sites to keep you up to date on the games.  You may want to check out the coverage of the games from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as well as NBC here in the states.  The Offical Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics site and the U.S. Olympic Committee are good sources of information as well. 

So, settle in for two weeks of nonstop thrills and spills as the city of Vancouver along with mascots Quatchi, Miga, Sumi and Mukmuk welcome the world “with glowing hearts” (Vancouver Olympic motto).